Friday 13th hair horrors

Friday 13th strikes fear into the hearts of many, but we’re here to make sure you avoid any hair horrors today! Our hairdressers’ let us in on some of the most common hair mistakes they see, and what you can do to avoid them:


Over-processed hair

This is most commonly caused by attempting to significantly bleach or lighten your hair at home. Best case scenario you can be left with very warm, orange tones. But worst case scenario? You can actually break the hair off completely! The best way to avoid this is to visit a salon if you’re looking to dramatically change your colour. They will be able to assess whether your hair is in suitable condition to undergo the service, and ensure you receive the colour tone you’re looking for. If you have over-processed hair that is breaking off, then get yourself to a stylist quick! They can remove dead ends, cut your hair in a way that will prevent further damage, and prescribe you the ideal product regime to help nurse your hair back to health.

Fringe disaster

It can be extremely tempting to trim your own fringe at home, especially if you’re in-between appointments. The most common mistakes we see in the salon are fringes that have been cut too short, or unevenly. We offer free fringe trims in our salons for our clients to avoid this hair nightmare. However, if you’re determined to trim your fringe at home, make sure you follow these tips.

  1. Don’t frown. If you trim while you’re frowning, you’ll find your fringe ends up much shorter than intended!
  2. Cut into the hair. Don’t try and trim your fringe horizontally. This will create a heavy, and often uneven finish. Instead try cutting vertically into the hair for a softer, lighter effect. This will also help you avoid going too short.
  3. Use proper scissors. Kitchen scissors won’t do the job! You need super-sharp, precision scissors to create the effect you want.

Stuck brush

This is a problem we see, and hear about, quite often in the salon. The main cause is a small brush with long bristles being used in long hair, which easily becomes caught around it. The main thing is not to panic or start tugging the brush. This could break your hair or pull it out at the root. Instead, liberally coat the hair in an oil or conditioner to soften and loosen the knot, then gently use a comb to pull pieces of hair free at a time.

The moral of the story to avoid a Friday 13th hair disaster? Make sure you pick the right tools for your hair, and leave cuts and colouring to the experts!

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