International award-winning hair salon brand Trevor Sorbie celebrates its 40th year since opening their flagship salon in the heart of Covent Garden in 1979. Now, with 6 salons in the UK and more internationally in Dubai and China, the brand continues to grow through it’s creative Artistic Team and over 70 highly skilled and authentic stylists and technicians. It’s founder, Trevor Sorbie, has been iconic in the industry and has established ground-breaking creative styles and techniques, as well as mentoring a series of celebrated Artistic Directors, including Eugene Souleiman, Antoinette Beenders and Angelo Seminara, among others.

Trevor’s innovative creations have changed the shape of hairdressing forever. Most iconic of all is ‘The Wedge’ (1974), which was the first hairdressing picture to be published as a double-page spread in Vogue magazine. Trevor recalls:

“The wedge captured the spirit of the time and was flaunted in nightclubs around the world. I now understood the power of invention. If I could achieve this once, then surely I could do it again…”

‘The Scrunch’ (1979) was also just as iconic as he had inadvertently created a brand-new method of drying hair that would speed up the process in the salon and is now a universally recognised technique. Trevor continued his experimentation, always pushing the boundaries and attracting a celebrity clientele into the salon (including Grace Jones, The Beach Boys and Helen Mirren) as well as those looking for something more creative. In 2004 he was the first hairdresser to receive an MBE from the Queen and also featured on numerous TV programs including Channel 4’s ‘Faking It’ and morning breakfast shows, styling and cutting hair live on set.

As well as his unique creations, Trevor’s work ethic and skills are continuously transferred to all his team by his vigorous ‘vardering’ training process and final test that absolutely every stylist and technician who works for the company must pass. It’s this process, level of standards and Trevor’s personality that means that everyone who works at Trevor Sorbie past & present has the right level of authenticity and passion.

The company has also won numerous awards, including Artistic Team of the Year, and not forgetting Trevor’s British Hairdresser of the Year a record number of four times. As Trevor now focuses on his MyNewHair charity, Tom Connell (International Artistic Director) and the salon team now lead the way in exceptional standards and innovative creations and ideas – giving exceptional levels of service and creativity in the salon and beyond.

1970 / 1980

Red Pic


“My very first hair picture under my own name. It was taken at a show in Switzerland, where I received my first standing ovation – I loved the high that it gave me.”

The Scrunch


“During this period, the method of finishing at the time was finger drying. It was a great technique, but took ages. One day I was extremely busy, so I sped up the process by adding heat. I found that by taking a handful of hair, squeezing it in my hand and applying heat I could create volume. I realised I inadvertently discovered a new method of drying.”

1980 / 1990

Wolf Man


“Punk inspired me because it was the opposite of everything that was happening at the time. I took my inspiration from the streets and turned it around – instead of allowing hair to lie flat, I made it stand out. Instead of blunt cutting, I razor cut to create texture. Instead of applying colour all over, I applied it to the ends.”



“I was into sculptural shapes using the girls’ own hair to create a three-dimensional look. Laying the blonde pieces on top of the gelled hair transformed the simple into the dramatic.”

1990 / 2000



“Every once in a while, artistry has to go on hold for all of us and we have to produce commercial images. I find it hard to restrain myself and not get carried away. To create something that is wearable and at the same time has a twist. I have to remind myself constantly that, sometimes, less is more.“

Double Exposure


“This is from the Double Exposure collection for the British Hairdressing Awards where I used two models per shot to maximise the images I could submit.”




“I’ve always been friends with Anthony Mascolo and we had wanted to work together for some time. When we eventually came together this is one of the shots that we created. The photography is fantastic and it’s a good example of hair, clothes, model and lighting all working together as one.”

The Collection