Available to watch: 17th November – 5th December 2021
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£64.95 per ticket

Brought to you by our award-winning Education & Artistic Team.

What you get when you purchase a ticket…

  • 2hrs of step-by-step cutting, styling and specialist colour techniques.
  • Watch as many times as you like before 5th December.
  • 4 replicable techniques, presented by Ryan Forsythe (Int. Artistic Director) and Giuseppe Stelitano (Creative Director).
  • 2 total finished looks inspired by London street style.

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& Training

At Trevor Sorbie we believe in making the ordinary, extraordinary.

Education is one of our core values, and each of our team has been hand-picked and developed for their high quality skill, precision and technical detail. This combined with an artistic flair is what makes a Trevor Sorbie hairdresser.

We also provide Educational training and seminars for other stylists and technicians who want to improve their skills. Our award-winning team have toured around the world presenting seminars and shows to showcase their skills, experience and creativity.


If you want to be part of our salon floor team as a Stylist or Technician then you must first go through our world-renowned vardering program! Simply put, vardering is an intensive training process that every hairdresser who steps onto our salon floor must undergo. It doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced they are, this process is an essential step to joining our team and is assessed by Trevor and our Education Team.

So why do you need to varder?

Trevor puts it simply:

“The purpose of vardering is two-fold. It helps the new team member hone their skills to our standards, whilst also teaching our philosophy and believes so that we all have the same vision in our work.”

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