The Trevor Sorbie Creative Path offers a comprehensive six-part

programme designed to explore the creative path in hairdressing.

The programme is rich in inspirational education and unique

opportunities, with a focus on creative training, avant-garde

techniques, and session styling inspirations to help you push your

creative boundaries.

Monday February 26th 2024

Wednesday February 28th 2024

Friday March 1st 2024


The Creative Path is where your talents meet incredible opportunities!

No matter your age, if you’re eager to dive into a world of innovation and

learning, this is the place for you.

Join us to explore, grow, and make your mark in an environment that

celebrates your unique skills. Apply now to kickstart your adventure

toward a brighter, more creative future!


The program includes five in-person mentored sessions

taking place on a Sunday during 2024 that delve into the

creative process, working with various mediums, and

aspects of creativity. They will take place at Trevor Sorbie,

Flagship Salon in Covent Garden.


The sixth and final session on a Sunday, involves

collaboration with other course attendees to create a

capsule photographic collection, where your ideas and

teamwork will come together to be realised in a collection.



Step 1: Application Video Submission

– Prepare a complete total look on a model or mannequin featuring something that inspires you.

– The video must showcase your creative skills and explain how you achieved the look.


Video Requirements:

• Format: Landscape

– Background: Clear and uncluttered

– Length: The video should be at least 90 seconds but should not exceed 3 minutes in duration.


Step 2: Virtual Interview

– Shortlisted candidates from STEP 1 will receive notification of their selection and will be scheduled for a 5-minute virtual interview with the panel of judges. During the virtual interview, candidates will be asked a series of questions regarding the look presented in the audition video.

– Virtual interview date: 24th January


Eligibility Criteria:

– Age is irrelevant: candidates of all ages are welcome to apply.

– Suggested experience: 2-5 years of experience which can include training.


PROJECT Fee £2500 + VAT
*Payment by instalment is available, subject to credit checks.



– Please note all sessions will take place on a Sunday at the Trevor Sorbie Flagship Salon in Covent Garden.

– Mannequins and materials will be provided where required. You will need to work with your own hair kit.

– You will be asked to find models for the photoshoot.