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Choosing the right product to suit your hair is only half the battle. Making sure you’re using it in the right way is sometimes the bigger challenge! We’ve spoken to our salons for insider tips on how to get the most out of your favourite hair products, and common mistakes to try and avoid while using them.


Try to avoid: only shampooing hair once. To get the best results from washing your hair, you should always shampoo your hair twice. The first will loosen any dirt, pollution, oil or grease that has built up. The second lather will then ensure that all impurities are washed away for a deeper clean.
Try to avoid: lathering hair in circles. This technique may produce a great lather, but also tangles, knots and damages the hair cuticle. Hair is most prone to damage and breakage when wet, so you need to be gentle with it. Instead of using fingertips, try using the lengths of your fingers in a downward motion, following the direction of hair growth.
Try to avoid: using lots of shampoo to create a lather. There are 3 things that effect how well shampoo lathers; product quality, wetness of hair, and dirt buildup. Lots of lather isn’t always an indication of how a shampoo is performing. Think of how much washing-up liquid lathers – not something you’d want on your hair! Instead try using a small amount, and spreading it between your palms before applying to the hair.


Common mistake: avoiding using a conditioner if you have fine/greasy hair. The purpose of a conditioner is to seal the hair cuticle, which has been opened by the shampoo to clean. This will leave hair feeling stronger, healthier and smoother. The way to avoid weighing down fine hair is to only apply to the lengths and ends (never the roots), and to pick a lightweight product. Also make sure you rinse it off thoroughly. Any residue left on the hair will make it feel heavier and look limp.

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