Caring for Autumn Hair

With Autumn fast approaching it’s the perfect time to reassess your hair care regime, and give it some much-needed TLC. Summer’s may be great for our mood, but the mix of sunshine, salt water and humidity can wreak havoc on our hair – so we’ve pulled together our top tips and treatments to nurse your Autumn hair back to its best.


Dry Hair

The problem: dry hair

The explanation: think of your hair as a sponge. When it’s been left out in the heat the sponge will dry out completely. Or if it’s been allowed to absorb salt water, it will dry brittle and rough. How do we fix this problem? By replenishing the sponge with moisture. It’s the same concept for your hair, however we need to use a few more tools than just water!

The solution: there are absolutely loads of different treatments, products and hacks you can try to replenish moisture in your hair. So we’ve chosen our tried and tested favourites! For a home treatment, start using an intensive conditioning mask (such as Trevor Sorbie Smooth & Hydrate Nourishing Mask) once a week. Ideally leave this on the hair for at least 3-5 minutes before rinsing. By religiously carrying out this treatment every week you’ll notice your hair is softer, smoother and shinier. When you’re visiting the salon take advantage of the treatment menu – we offer intensive conditioning treatments (that include an indulgent head massage) with concentrated ingredients to give your hair a real boost. If you’re visiting on a Friday you can even take advantage of our #FusioFriday promotion and upgrade for just £5!


Frizzy Hair

The problem: frizzy hair

The explanation: humid air continues more hydrogen molecules than usual, which then bond with protein and water molecules already in the hair, causing curls or frizz. Using the sponge analogy again, the more porous your hair is, the more hydrogen it can absorb and the frizzier it will get.

The solution: our absolute favourite humidity-buster is the KeraStraight Style Solution, available in all of our salons. This keratin-smoothing service will calm frizz, strengthen hair, reduce drying time and most importantly smooth hair, protecting it against humidity. If you’re looking for something to use at home to help combat frizz to, try our Salon Care Smooth & Hydrate product range which all contain humidity-protecting ingredients.


Brittle Hair

The problem: brittle hair

The explanation: this can be caused by lack of moisture, and damage to the hair shaft. Damage can be caused by sun exposure, salt water, chlorine, heat damage and chemical damage (bleaching and lifting colour).

The solution: visit your stylist as soon as possible. All of the above treatments could help brittleness, but the moisture/protein balance in your hair will determine which treatments your stylist recommends. You might also need to have a trim to remove any particularly brittle, dead ends.


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