Hair Facts Interesting

It might be your crowning glory, but how much do you actually know about your hair? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite hair facts to get your better acquainted with your barnet…


Top 10 Hair Facts:

  1. There are approximately 5 millions hair follicles on your body (with men having a few hundred thousand more than women), but only 100,000 of these are found on your head!
  2. On average blondes have the most head hair follicles, followed by brown/black hair, with red heads having the fewest.
  3. If you added up the total average hair growth for a human over their lifetime, it would equate to 590 miles…that’s a lot of hair!
  4. Our favourite hair fact – your hair is stronger than you think. Each hair strand can support up to 100grams, so if you added all your head hair together it could theoretically support 12 tons of weight. We don’t recommend trying this one out at home though…
  5. It’s not just strong, hair is also very elastic, especially when wet. In fact, hair can stretch up to 30% further before breaking when wet.
  6. Men produce 6x more of the hormones responsible for hair loss than women.
  7. When did colouring hair become so popular? There are examples stretching back to ancient times, but in the modern era it’s only hit the mainstream in the past 60 years – as few as 7% of women had coloured hair in 1950, compared to 75% today.
  8. In Victorian times it was common to create brooches and pendants from a loved ones hair, especially if they had passed away.
  9. Your hair is made up of a cocktail of substances including; calcium, copper, zinc, mercury, lead, iron, silicon and even trace amounts of arsenic!
  10. These substances can be used by scientists to measure everything in your bloodstream; from medicine to alcohol, vitamins and minerals. Clever!

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