As a rising star in the industry and brand, Edoardo (Creative Stylist at our Hampstead salon) has been shortlisted as the best newcomer in countless awards as well as Top 5 in the world for the One Shot International Styling awards. His brand-new collection ‘DeFocus’ centralises around his emotions and feelings from the last year and showcases a variety of beauty in an avant-garde world.

One of the main features of the DeFocus collection, is the technical editing of the images. Using photographic skills such a slowing down shutter speeds, as well as echoes of the visual artist Gerhard Richter, Edoardo has created a type of movement and blurring technique that tells the story and emotion he’d like to convey. Also included are materials that are raw and found in casual surroundings – not necessarily from within the salon industry itself. Within the collection you get a feeling that that everything in sped up for a moment, the lines of right and wrong becoming blurry.

Edoardo explains in more detail:

“The collection is a reflection of feelings and emotions I’ve felt from the past year, where areas of concentration have changed and slipped, sometimes giving a feeling of obscurity and unsettlement. The images that I have produced often portray feelings of nervous energy, excitement, agitation however still hold their beauty. It has become clear to me I must make everything equally important and equally unimportant. I have blurred things so that they do not look artistic or craftsman-like but technological, smooth and perfect. I blur things to make all the parts fit closer together. The lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren’t always neat, and sometimes you have to risk everything to be true to yourself.”

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• Photographer: Giorgio Lattanzi
• Hair: Edoardo Colasanti
• Hair Assistants: Maria, Francesco, Sasho
• Make Up: Julia leshanich


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