Our next collection sneak peek looks into the GREY AREA collection by Ryan Forsythe & James Bacon. Ryan, who is a Director and Head of Education at our Covent Garden salon tells us more…

“Grey Area is a collaboration of our different, individual concepts, brought together in one space, using shadowy, black and white photography to knit the ideas together and emit a sense of grey darkness. The imagery takes inspiration from the world of contemporary art, using the subliminal line drawing of artist Carl Krull and the dark pixie characters from Dustin Bailards ‘A Fractured Flutter’ collection.”

So how does Ryan start creating a collection?

I start by taking photos of anything that catches my eye, making notes and sketching out ideas. Over time it accumulates, giving me a great source to work from, I then experiment with these ideas on hair.

Explaining what it’s like to be part of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team, Ryan explains…

We take what we do seriously but not ourselves. Trevor Sorbie is a safe space to experiment, learn & create. There are so many opportunities to push our limits on stage and also in photo shoots which means we can share our work with like-minded people all around the world.”


See the Grey Area Collection live! Buy tickets now:

Salon International 2018
Sunday 14th October
4:15 – 5:30pm


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