Chroma POP - hair Color- Trevor Sorbie


Accessories your hair with a POP of colour with our brand new service.

We are, and always have been, unapologetically bold, powerful, fierce and unique. Want just a hint of colour in your fringe? No problem. A stripe of fuscia down the back of your hair? You got it! Any combination of colour and technique our award-winning colour team can provide.

An unlimited number of semi-permanent colours are available all the way from a subtle electric blue, which looks beautiful against darker tones, all the way to a luminous green, which really pops against a blonde base. There are so many choices that you can choose from.

Lasting between 12-40 washes these colours are a brilliant way to try professionally applied bright creative colour in your hair, without the long-term commitment.

The colours are provided by our partners L’Oréal and include Pulp Riot for the bright colours and the brand new Dia Boosters for the more subtle tones, giving you the absolute best salon colour service and experience. Both are ammonia free.

As award-winning colourists our team can create whatever look you desire, applied however and wherever you’d like. Book a complimentary consultation with our award-winning colour team to talk about the possibilities and discuss your creative vision.

Chroma pop - Trevor Sorbie
Chroma pop - Trevor Sorbie

Created by London’s Best Colourist

Giuseppe Stelitano – Creative Director
Winner of L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2019 & London Region 2022

“I absolutely love this Chroma.POP service. For my guests who want something a bit different it’s a fantastic way to step into creative colour. If you want to showcase your personality without the commitment of a permanent service then this if for you.”


  • How many colours can I choose from?
    There are unlimited possibilities, each depending on your hair type. Our expert colourist can discuss the best options for you with a complimentary consultation.
  • Do I need to have a blonding service before my chroma pop appointment?
    This depends and the current colour of your hair and the result that you’d like to achieve. With a complimentary consultation discuss what the best way to achieve your personalised chroma pop
  • Can I have Chroma POP on darker hair?
    Yes, the results and options depend on your current hair colour. Discuss the best options for you with a complimentary consultation with our colour experts
  • I’d like something that’s not in any of the photos, is this possible?
    Chroma POP is our brand new service, the idea can be used in multiple ways with differing colours. If you have a different vision, book a complimentary consultation with one of our colour experts.
  • How long does the appointment take?Chroma pop takes 2.5 hours plus a finishing service.
  • Do I need a skin test for chroma pop?
    Yes you will need to have an in salon test at least 48 hours prior to the service or a Colourstart test at least 7 days before the appointment.
  • How long will the colour last?
    Depending on the chosen colour, it will last between 12-40 shampoos. You can get a better guide during a complimentary consultation with one of our colour experts
  • How can I keep the colour lasting longer at home?
    The best way is to ensure you use the recommended haircare your colourist prescribes, this will be tailored to your hair and hair colours needs.
  • Is there a refresh service available?
    ‘Chroma POP Refresh’ is the service you are looking for, taking around 75 min plus a finishing service. If you’re looking to change the colour choice you might need to book a Chroma Re-Set Service (Ask our team for more details)
  • Will the colour permanently stain my hair?
    Whilst the semi permanent colours last for between 12 -40 shampoos, It is possible that on light hair, very vivid yellows, reds and coppers could stain the hair, we do however offer a service to reset the pop back to your original shade.
  • I’d like an all over bright colour, is this possible?
    We have specific service to achieve this called ‘Total Chroma’, find out what shades are possible with a complimentary consultation with one of our colour experts.
  • I love my Chroma Pop, now I’d like to try a different colour, is this possible?
    Yes if you’re looking to change the colour choice you might need to book a Chroma Re-set Service.