If it’s been longer than six months since your last colour with us, or you’re a brand new guest, you will need an up-to-date patch test.

If it’s been longer than six months since your last colour with us, before your next appointment you will need to ensure you have had a patch test with the below requirements:
  • Must have been done in the last 6 months.
  • Must have been done by either of these two options:
    • Option 1: In Salon Test (at least 48 hours before your appointment)
    • Option 2: Colour Start Passport (at least 7 days before your appointment)

Why do I need a test?

We have a responsibility whilst working safely, to prioritise your care with our experience and high standards. Following best practice guidance is one way we can do this.

To minimise the likelihood of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the products and services we offer, we have two different ways to maintain your safety at all times. Please scroll down to select an option.

How do I get a test?

Option 1: In Salon
Free of Charge

Visit your Trevor Sorbie salon at least 48 hours before your colour appointment. This involves putting L’Oréal colour behind your ear and keeping it on for 48 hours. Should you experience any signs of irritation, swelling, inflammation or itching please contact the NHS on 111 and then contact us.

Option 2: ColourStart Passport
£15 Lifetime Cost
Must be done at least 7 days before your appointment

Please ensure you follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1: Visit colourstart.com/colourstart-passport to create your own free personal ColourStart Passport

Step 2: Answer the six key screening questions – this will show if you need to get a colour test. If you do, and you would like to get an appointment with us, you will need to share this information with the salon.

Step 3: Contact the salon to purchase your ColourStart patch test for £15 and we will post it out to you.

Step 4: Apply your ColourStart Patch Test, following the instructions provided or watch the above video beforehand. This needs to be applied at least 5 days before your colour service.

Step 5: Upload your results to your online passport and share the results with the salon.

Step 6: If you return to the salon after a longer period of 6 months, then all you need to do is redo the screening questions and (if your circumstance has not changed) you will receive a green tick to share with us.