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As the Trevor Sorbie Flagship / Area Manager (Salons), you have a high profile role within the company and it is imperative to remember that this role is one of the main role models in the company, and you must conduct yourself accordingly at all times. In this role you are responsible for ensuring the proper and effective operation of the parts of the business you are responsible for. It requires you to oversee the applicable day-to-day work and operations. Strong leadership skills will be necessary for effective management success.

The aim of the Flagship Salon Manager / Area Manager is to maximise profit whilst minimising costs, exceeding pre agreed targets whilst maintaining all standards and policies. Promoting the goals of the company on a daily basis, while optimising and improving the bottom line of the business is essential. Your role is about managing the flagship salon and supporting the General Manager with other salons, budgets, standards, EBITDA and success. You must maintain a positive outlook as this will directly translate to how the team take on challenges and work to succeed. Leading by example with your own smartness, punctuality, honesty and efficiency at all times is essential.

You must be strategic thinker and planner and continuously think of ways to help drive business. Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals and coach, mentor the team for career development and success.

In this role you will need to have the following key skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and organising
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Influencing and leading
  • Delegation
  • Team work
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Adaptability
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Confidence
  • Motivational
  • Positivity
  • Strategic thinking

Job Description: Area Manager

  • To work with budgets, KPI’s and objectives as agreed by the company
  • To be involved in company meetings
  • To analyse the financial and operational performances through daily sales, flash figures, monthly accounts & Zenoti software
  • To be involved in recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, counselling, and disciplining
  • To communicate all company values, strategies and objectives across the brand
  • To travel to the salons and other locations for regular meetings
  • To represent the brand externally in meetings and events
  • To send a weekly written summary to the General Manager
  • To ensure the company complies with Health and Safety regulations and Employment laws
  • To work with and coach the salon managers/teams for success
  • To ensure you are up to date with the company standard operating procedures. (SOP’s)
  • To increase the salon business performance by recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, counselling, and enforcing critical standards throughout.
  • To ensure the salons comply with HS regulations and HR laws
  • To cover the General Manager when GM on annual leave


Job description: Flagship Manager:

  • To work with and achieve pre agreed company targets and KPI’s
  • To monitor the salon education.
  • To create a positive, open and responsive working environment.
  • To work recruit, interview, select, hire and employ an appropriate number of team.
  • To organise guest marketing with the Marketing Manager.
  • To attend and present at management meetings.
  • To work with the salon on strategic initiatives and KPI’s
  • To update the General Manager on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • To communicate all company values, strategies and objectives
  • To ensure that correct guest data is taken and used in accordance with GDPR.
  • To deal with guest complaints fairly and keep a concise record of this.
  • To ensure that the guest needs are exceeded
  • To ensure the salon complies with HS regulations and HR laws



  • Communicate to all individuals their takings on a weekly basis.
  • To deal with all team issues promptly, efficiently and to inform senior management of any issues if necessary.
  • To hold regular team meetings, including departmental and management.
  • To carry out appraisals and reviews in accordance with the company procedure.



  • To make business decisions that is financially responsible, accountable, justifiable, and defensible in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
  • To ensure that all the necessary financial controls are in place to enable the efficient running of the salon and to monitor all salon expenditure.
  • To maximise the profitability of the salon including closely monitoring the costs.
  • To participate in forecast budget meetings and agree budgets.
  • To develop and run the salon in line with the pre agreed strategic initiatives and KPI’s
  • To ensure security of the premises, cash and valuables.
  • To plan, monitor and appraise all results



  • To ensure the smooth running of the salon.
  • To keep all management and salon records up to date.
  • To ensure there is a member of the management team on every shift.
  • To ensure your holidays are approved by the General Manager and do not clash with your management team.
  • In the case of sickness/ absence to arrange suitable cover if necessary and inform the General Manager.
  • To phase the team holidays over the full year to ensure the disruption to the salon is minimal in accordance with the company holiday procedure.
  • To inform the payroll/personnel departments of any changes to the team. This includes changes of home addresses and bank details.
  • To ensure all team have an induction on their first day of work using the company induction form and to ensure that all health and safety protocol and training is followed.
  • To ensure that all team have an up to date contract and job description, a full understanding of their job and perform that role to the best of their ability.
  • To oversee all the rotas are correct and that staffing levels are well structured.
  • To ensure maximum appointments with each team member
  • To ensure a high quality of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the salon, staff areas, storage areas and offices, in line with the salon minimum critical standards.



  • To have overall responsibility for the stock, both technical and retail.
  • To ensure that there is sufficient stock to carry out the services advertised.
  • To be responsible for monthly stock takes in line with company procedure.



  • To ensure that the company health and safety procedures are maintained at all times and any updates are implemented immediately.
  • To carry out the salon health and safety checklist weekly.
  • To ensure there is a trained first aider and fire warden on every shift.
  • To ensure all team are aware of the emergency procedures.
  • To regularly check that all team equipment is in line with health and safety standards (yearly PAT testing) and also in good repair.

Reporting directly to: General Manager

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