Education has been, and always will be, one of Trevor’s passions. From his industry-famous Vardering process, through to internal inspiration evenings and International shows and seminars, it has been key to the success of his salons and teams. We tracked down Trevor’s Artistic Director Tom Connell to ask him more about the brand new ‘Rapid Results’ hair course the team have just launched.


What can we expect from ‘Rapid Results’?

“There are two things you will gain from attending this course. The first is a different way of thinking and looking at hair, and the second are some fast, free-thinking techniques that will benefit any hairdressers’ work.”


Why did you decide to offer this course?

“It came from looking at what we were offering, and then thinking about what would actually be most relevant for students. We realised that quite often hairdressers’ can look at their client’s hair quite clinically, only thinking about the technique behind the haircut, rather than the final result. That led us to to the idea that hair should be a design problem which you want to solve. By thinking of yourself as a problem solver instead of a hairdresser you start looking at the ‘problem’ with a more creative mindset. I think a lot of hairdressers’ can end up going through the motions over time – assigning a technique to a client before they’ve even really spoken to them. It’s really important to avoid falling into this trap. Very rarely would you just use one technique to create a look, it should always be a combination of things to create a bespoke look. The way I sum it up is that clients pay for your mind, not your hands!”


What will hairdressers’ take away from this course?

“The main thing they will take away are transferrable skills that they can use in the salon on their clients, but also on session work and shoots. We’ll be demonstrating quick uses and applications, and how you can adapt these to suit the work you’re doing. It’s more than just a few hair tricks though, we’ll be showing how you pair these new skills with a new way of looking at hair. I think a lot of people are bored of just learning and using the ‘classics’. On this course we are focusing on 2017, and the skills you need to create current, exciting work today.”


When/where is the course, and who is it for?

“It’s a one day session from 10am-5pm on Sunday 25th June. It’ll take place in our purpose built Education Space in the Covent Garden salon, and is perfect for anyone who has been qualified and on the salon floor for a year or longer. The reason we ask you to have this experience under your belt is so that you have a clear understanding of the basics of hairdressing. I explain it as ‘learn the rules before you break the rules’.”


If you’re interested in finding out more about this course, you can find out more by filling out our online enquiry form.

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